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Internal Communications

Kelly’s ability to capture a story quickly and effectively has saved managers many hours of work each month. From newsletters to intranet pieces, she writes articles that company staff are too busy to write.

Much of Kelly’s storytelling focuses on the individuals that make companies tick: the employees. Her staff profiles and awards and recognition stories help boost morale, strengthen employee engagement and motivate workforces. Put simply, Kelly brings you the names and faces behind the brand, while driving employees to your internal communication channels.

When it comes to executive communication, Kelly’s accessible writing style personalizes CEO e-blasts, blogs, columns and town hall speeches. By eliminating corporate jargon, Kelly helps executives “keep it real” by communicating information in a language that employees will understand.

“Organizations large or small that choose Kelly’s editorial services will immediately see her talents shine, and they will profit from her work—as I still do.”

-Philip Vassallo, Communication Consultant